Third House Tour in Three Months


Third House Tour in Three Months

21 Jul , 2015  

Upon our return from our first U.S. trip, we got to move into our new condo in Playa Langosta. We are very excited that we were able to find this nice of a place for long-term rent within our budget. For those looking to get an idea of cost-of-living, our rent here is $750 per month which is an extremely fair price for the area. We do have to pay utilities on top of it – water, electricity and cable/internet – we haven’t had our first month of utility bills yet, but when we  do I’m happy to share to give everyone a realistic snapshot of what it costs to live in this area.

Pretty crazy to think that we are living in our THIRD place in THREE months, but now, things will settle down a bit in the moving department. I guess we’re also getting some good use out of the GoPro with all these tours, hehe. The new condo is pretty comparable to our last one in terms of style, finishings, amenities, etc. and when we think back to the Avellanas house now, we have a little chuckle and smile about how far we’ve come in just a few months :)

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