Life Lessons

Poolside Chat

24 Apr , 2015  


“Oh, so you’re planning for your future too?” We are seriously inundated by the phrase “planning for the future” and variations of it. Whether it’s a commercial for life insurance or wealth management, or your Grandmother is repeatedly asking you about it at Thanksgiving dinner, it’s one of those “if I had a dollar for every […]

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Expats Unite

7 Apr , 2015  

2015-03-29 10.58.44

Thank you Mark Zuckerberg. In preparing for this move and even since we’ve arrived, Facebook has been an invaluable resource for us in the form of groups of expats who have lived, and still live all over Costa Rica.  you can post a question to one of these groups and within minutes you’ve got dozens […]

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Life Lessons

Constant Reminders

3 Apr , 2015   Video

I always find it interesting how the universe finds ways to give us reassurance. This happens all the time in life; you’ve never heard or thought of something, but then you become aware of it and all of the sudden it pops of everywhere. Many people have said that of ‘Costa Rica’ once we announced […]

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