Perhaps, the Most Random Weekend Yet

4 May , 2015  


When I look back at this weekend, I can’t help but laugh. I started out the weekend with a “stomach bug.” I can only assume some type of virus since we know three other people who were suffering from the same symptoms this past week. Between my date with our toilet throughout Friday night and […]

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Here Comes The Rain, Da Da Dadahh

2 May , 2015  

Here Comes The Rain

The weather has been incredibly consistent since we arrived in Costa Rica. Consistently sunny and in the high nineties/low hundreds Fahrenheit (in the 32 to 38 Celsius range). Every. Single. Day. This afternoon I walked out the door, and I said to Junior “Ohhh it’s chilly!” Then we checked the weather. It was 85 degrees. […]

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“Daily Limit” – It’s Truly Daily

28 Apr , 2015  

Costa Rican Colon

I was chatting with my good friend Julie last night for the first time since we moved. I was trying to fill her in on everything we had encountered on our adventure so far and she asked “so has there been anything that’s been truly a ‘WTF’ moment?” Meaning of course anything we’ve come across […]

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Life Lessons

Do The Q-Tip, Throw It Away.

23 Mar , 2015   Video

It’s March 23. We are moving April 1. And I am sitting on a mattress in our empty living room watching Hitch. I have a list a mile long to complete in the next 9 days, and I am watching a romantic comedy I’ve seen already at least ten times (if not more). For some […]

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