Life Lessons

Advice for a Very Hippie Holiday – Fete Lifestyle Magazine

15 Dec , 2015  

December Fete - Day Well Lived
For years, the hub-bub of the holiday season has given me great angst, and I think while it can be a magical time of year, society has turned the holiday's into a stressful time for many. I enjoyed working on this piece and hope it can spark some inspiration to simplify and enjoy for anyone [...]

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Life Lessons

Something We Can All Learn From Brazil’s Food Culture – Fete Lifestyle Magazine

15 Nov , 2015  

Day Well Lived - Fete Lifestyle Magazine
Who doesn't love food? I was super excited that the food issue of Fete Lifestyle Magazine coincided with my travels in Brazil; where I reconnected and learned a greater appreciation for food beyond just the taste, smell and nourishment it provides. I was able to enjoy getting to know the other and newer half of [...]

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Life Lessons

Talkin’ Body Confidence – Fete Lifestyle Magazine

15 Oct , 2015  

Day Well Lived - Fete Lifestyle Magazine
I've continued to contribute to Fete Lifestyle Magazine and have been loving it! In October, we focused on body. When I sat down to think about a topic, I was a bit intimidated, because in all honesty I have no true "expertise" in fitness or nutrition aside from what I've tried to personally do to [...]

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Life Lessons

Girl Power with Fete Lifestyle Magazine

19 Sep , 2015  

Fete - Day Well Lived
A few months back, I was fortunate to meet a woman here in Tamarindo who is an editor for a lifestyle and culture magazine put together by a select group of female contributors from around the world. I started reading some of the articles from previous issues and then we got to talking about me [...]

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