Bugs and Boats and…Best Buy?

14 May , 2015  


Life is different here is Costa Rica, there’s just no other way to slice it. I find that my friends from home are curious, but sometimes don’t even know what questions to ask. When you can’t really begin to think about what life might be in a particular place, it’s hard to know what you want […]

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Perhaps, the Most Random Weekend Yet

4 May , 2015  


When I look back at this weekend, I can’t help but laugh. I started out the weekend with a “stomach bug.” I can only assume some type of virus since we know three other people who were suffering from the same symptoms this past week. Between my date with our toilet throughout Friday night and […]

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Proud Puppy Parents; Our Boy Can Swim!

28 Apr , 2015  

Proud Puppy Parents; Our Boy Can Swim!

For weeks, Harvey enjoyed the beach, but never went in the water deep enough to swim. He had to be able to touch the bottom with all four paws. A couple of days ago, seemingly out of nowhere, he mustered up the courage the start body slamming waves and go full-on swimming. Now he can’t […]

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Harvey Out to Sea

4 Apr , 2015  

Video Post

Once we finally got our luggage and had a chance to shower and change, we decided even with a million things left to do, it was time to go check out the beach. Harvey’s first time in the ocean at Playa Avellanas!

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