Bugs and Boats and…Best Buy?

14 May , 2015  


Life is different here is Costa Rica, there’s just no other way to slice it. I find that my friends from home are curious, but sometimes don’t even know what questions to ask. When you can’t really begin to think about what life might be in a particular place, it’s hard to know what you want […]

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The House We’ll Never Forget

4 Apr , 2015  

The House We’ll Never Forget

Some things are just better understood when you can see it with your own eyes. We were proud of ourselves for staying in the house in Avellanas for a whole week!

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Oh, What Have We Done?

2 Apr , 2015  

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Our gigantic van finally pulls up in front of Cabinas Las Olas; the hotel that is nearby our new house, at 3:30 in the morning. At this point we have been awake for about 26 hours. The owner of our new house pulls up on his motorcycle to guide the driver back to the house. […]

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