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Reflections of Our First Trip “Home”

21 Jul , 2015  

Walk With Cece - Day Well Lived

We recently made our first “border run” as many expats call it. We’re living in Costa Rica on a tourist Visa, which means we must leave the country every 90 days in order to come back and stay here legally. I put border run in quotes, because really we took a two week vacation back […]

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Let’s Play Instead of Pack!

24 Jun , 2015  

Day Well Lived - Santa Rosa Futbol

Saturday night, we’re getting ready to walk with Harvey and grab carry out from The Shrimp Hole and we run into the owner of our building. We make small talk for a few minutes and he mentions “by the way, we’ve got a full house coming in tomorrow afternoon, we’re going to need you to […]

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No Pedicures in Paradise

1 Apr , 2015  


The Tuesday before we left for Costa Rica, amidst all the craziness of final preparations, I decided to take a really long shower and go get a manicure and pedicure. I even joked with Junior about this, “honey, this is my last American shower!” Best. Decision. Ever. We woke up at 12:30 a.m. – after […]

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