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15 Oct , 2015  

I’ve continued to contribute to Fete Lifestyle Magazine and have been loving it!

In October, we focused on body. When I sat down to think about a topic, I was a bit intimidated, because in all honesty I have no true “expertise” in fitness or nutrition aside from what I’ve tried to personally do to lead a healthy lifestyle.

However, I’ve often had people ask me what it is that I do to stay in shape. It dawned on me that perhaps you don’t need to be an expert, perhaps these things don’t always have to be viewed from a professional lens. Perhaps it’s a matter of the human body (and mind for that matter) being an incredibly complex thing, and something just a little different can work for everyone. So in October, I decide to compile a list of simple things I incorporate into my daily life that have seemed to work well, with the hope that maybe in some facet they can help others achieve their goals and be confident in themselves!

Excited to share this piece with you all. I highly recommend following Fete on Facebook, and also checking out their website for previous issues – there is such a wide variety of perspective and valuable information shared by women from all over the map with wildly diverse backgrounds and experience.


Day Well Lived - Body Confidence

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