Let’s Play Instead of Pack!

24 Jun , 2015  

Day Well Lived - Santa Rosa Futbol

Saturday night, we’re getting ready to walk with Harvey and grab carry out from The Shrimp Hole and we run into the owner of our building. We make small talk for a few minutes and he mentions “by the way, we’ve got a full house coming in tomorrow afternoon, we’re going to need you to […]

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Adventures, Photos

Rafting the Tenorio

15 Jun , 2015  

Tenorio - Day Well Lived

My husband comes home at 9:30 p.m. on a Friday and says “This guy I played soccer with tonight is going rafting somewhere near Liberia tomorrow and has space for extra people, do you want to go?” I have been craving adventure. Now that we’ve got ourselves decently settled, I’ve had the itch to get out […]

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Adventures, Life Lessons

The Toughest Part of Being Far Away

14 Jun , 2015  

Day Well Lived - Think You Have Time

I often leave my phone behind when I go out for walks. I’ve become comfortable here. And now that Junior and I are down to one phone, I also don’t want to risk anything happening to it. In a beach town, your iPhone is no match for excessive sweat mixed with sunscreen, sand, dirt and […]

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My Worst Fear; And A Reminder That People Are Good

5 Jun , 2015  

Every Experience Holds a Blessing - Day Well Lived

We started our Tuesday evening walk on the beach with Harvey just like we start our walk every other evening. He says hi to all the other playa pups, and occasionally to the other human beach goers. He jumps a few waves and inevitably marches out onto the rocks in the ocean for an evening […]

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