Life Lessons

#TBT Got S.O.U.L?

29 May , 2015  

1st SOUL meal

TimeHop is quite possibly the coolest app around. What better way to be reminded of sweet memories than a daily push notification alerting you to reminders of what happened one year ago, two years ago; some of mine have gone back eight years! I couldn’t let today go by without a #TBT post, because my […]

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A Week Well Lived

25 May , 2015

This past week has truly been a week well lived in the Minchillo household. We smiled a lot, spent a lot of time walking on the beach and closed out the week with a Sunday evening dinner at our house with a couple¬†friends and a free salsa dancing lesson at one of the local bars. […]

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Adventures, Life Lessons

What will you do about insurance?

20 May , 2015  

best for me

When you announce that you’re leaving your life behind to move to another country, people have questions. What I found interesting were the types of questions people had and the frequency in which particular questions came up. Overwhelmingly, one of the first questions people had for us was “what will you do about health insurance?” […]

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Bugs and Boats and…Best Buy?

14 May , 2015  


Life is different here is Costa Rica, there’s just no other way to slice it. I find that my friends from home are curious, but sometimes don’t even know what questions to ask. When you¬†can’t really begin to think about what life might be in a particular place, it’s hard to know what you want […]

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Life Lessons

No More Excuses

7 May , 2015  


With the number of times I’ve been asked “how tan are you?” or “are you at the beach right now?” you’d think I’d struck the lottery, left all my worries behind and now spend all of my days glazed in Coppertone, with a beer in-hand, splitting my time between equal parts meditating to sound of […]

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Perhaps, the Most Random Weekend Yet

4 May , 2015  


When I look back at this weekend, I can’t help but laugh. I started out the weekend with a “stomach bug.” I can only assume some type of virus since we know three other people who were suffering from the same symptoms this past week. Between my date with our toilet throughout Friday night and […]

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Here Comes The Rain, Da Da Dadahh

2 May , 2015  

Here Comes The Rain

The weather has been incredibly consistent since we arrived in Costa Rica. Consistently sunny and in the high nineties/low hundreds Fahrenheit (in the 32 to 38 Celsius range). Every. Single. Day. This afternoon I walked out the door, and I said to Junior “Ohhh it’s chilly!” Then we checked the weather. It was 85 degrees. […]

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